Architectural Services

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Planning for Design and Build

At PLG, we start the architectural process as early as possible in the purchase phase, ensuring a greater understanding and much-needed continuity during the design and build.

Detailed scaled drawings are presented for agreement before being submitted for planning approval.

Working with Clients and Stakeholders

We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure all requirements are assessed and included, taking into account the needs, wants and requirements of the client, wider family, clinical needs, care regime and legal obligations.

Crucially, we understand that a disability home is still a home – comfort is as important as the clinical needs of the client.

Constant interaction with the planning officers is a crucial part of the process – it is important that they are fully briefed of the reason for the proposed project. Site meetings are arranged, where we ensure the planning teams are made aware that the improvements are for the client’s needs and not to increase the value of the property.

Comprehensive Architectural Services

Following the initial design and planning processes, our full architectural service extends to compilation of tender documents, submission of building regulations, contractor due diligence, contract negotiations, appointment of contractor, full project management and contract administration, the management of the defects period and coordination of remedial work, post-completion.

To find out more about PLG’s architectural services, call us on 0333 577 0809 or fill in our contact form here.

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