Letting Agents and Landlords

Whilst our clients find themselves in unique circumstances from an Estate Agents or Landlords perspective, the strength of them as prospective tenants is only ever enhanced. In essence, due to the circumstances completely out of their control that they find themselves – they become the most secure transaction in an ever more complex property market.

Information for Letting Agents

Information for Letting Agents and Landlords | Disability Property Specialists | PLGWe understand that for the majority of agents, this isn’t a run of the mill tenancy proposal and this alone can create unnecessary hesitation. However, our clients often present the most secure option as
tenants in both short and long-term accommodation due to their unique circumstances with the security of funding through their claim – with funds held by their Solicitor, Deputy or Trust solely for the purpose of the rental.

With years of experience working from the perspective of an estate agent, we understand the procedures and requirements of the industry as well as those of the agents and landlords. We know the importance of securing the right tenants for your home and we are keen to ensure that all parties benefit from the arrangement. We will work with our client, the agent and the landlord to agree on the terms of the tenancy to ensure the agreement works for all parties.  By managing this delicate area it means that all stakeholders’ positions are secured and allows for a more straightforward transaction, often the problem area for landlords and tenants alike.

• Funds for tenancy held secure by a legal team.
• Input and guidelines for the tenancy agreement to increase landlord and tenant security.
• Professional co-ordination by PLG between all parties
• Clear terms of tenancy established from the outset.
• Joined up thinking to provide the best deal for both landlord and tenant.

Information for Landlords

Information for Letting Agents and Landlords | Disability Property Specialists | PLGLetting out your property, whether it’s an investment or a family home that’s providing a temporary change of use can often be a big step. We’ve all heard horror stories of problem tenants. Ensuring your investment, or more importantly, your home is well looked after and your interests protected are critical. There is no exact science to getting the right tenant as any Agent will tell you, due diligence will only get you so far.

All of our clients have had funds awarded as part of an accident or injury they have suffered. This is usually part of an ongoing litigation claim and they have an extensive team of professionals helping them on a daily basis, from financial, to accommodation through to care, therapy and day-to-day support. As such, and especially with your financial provision secure means our clients represent the most secure tenancy in an often difficult and unknown environment.

• Strong and secure financial backing overseen by a qualified legal team.
• No threat of redundancy or lack of rent.
• Professionals overseeing the negotiations.
• Providing a basis for people who have gone through catastrophic episodes and chance to start rebuilding their lives.
• Possibilities for repeat tenancies and long-term investment plans.

To find out more about how we work with letting agents and landlords, call us on 0333 577 0809 or fill in our contact form here.

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