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Advice for Post-Purchase Work and Adaptations

Ensuring the right home is sourced for purchase doesn’t end once second viewings have taken place. Due diligence is critical to ensuring our clients’ money has been spent in the best possible manner.

To help with the management of purchase and in order to advise – as far as reasonably possible – of potential costs for post-purchase work and adaptation, PLG prepares Pre-Purchase Reports on behalf of our clients.

Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Reports and Surveys

This comprises instruction and co-ordination of the following surveys:

  • Building survey & Valuation/Homebuyers report with a full brief of potential adaptations to the surveyor ensuring the report is relative to works
  • Electrical Condition Report
  • Plumbing Condition Report
  • Asbestos Management Survey
  • Wall Tie and Timber and Damp Report
  • CCTV Drain Survey
  • Report: which gives an overview of the surrounding area

PLG will then review all of the returned reports and provide summaries and recommendations for progress of the purchase. Utilising this tool means that all eventualities are accounted for and allows for funds to be allocated in a more sensible manner.

Managing Disability Property Purchases and Due Diligence

It can often be the case that a client or a family member will identify a property they wish to purchase without the necessity of a formal property search or consultant input. It is still critical to ensure the client’s funds are spent in the right manner, with the best possible result achieved.

PLG is regularly employed by Deputies and Solicitors to manage the purchase, even when not involved in the search. At this point, we will carry out the necessary due diligence detailed above and negotiate the purchase price on the client’s behalf to ensure it is reflective of the home. We can also provide budget estimates for the proposed works to ensure that funds are available to carry out any existing remedial work that would be in addition to formal adaptation proposals.

To discuss your requirements, call us on 0333 577 0809 or fill in our contact form here.

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